Asda Fuel Cards

At the moment there is no such thing as an Asda fuel card, but there is talk of a supermarket fuel card to be released on the market soon to be used at any of the major supermarket petrol stations.

In the meantime, you can use an AllStar fuel card at Asda petrol stations. The good thing about Asda petrol stations is that more often than not they offer the best priced fuel in the country. On average they are cheaper per litre than Tesco, Morrisons or Sainsbury’s.

With an AllStar card you can benefit from being able to use it at anywhere in the country, which equates to over 8000 petrol stations across the UK. Not bad going really.

Depending on your usage they may charge you a network fee, but the fuel you purchase will be at pump price which is great if you fill up at Asda as on average they offer the cheapest fuel that can be found anywhere.

Asda Petrol Stations

More often than not these petrol stations are either 24 hour self-service or drive thru filling stations, making them a very convenient way to fill up your car or van. Unfortunately there are no HGV compatible filling stations in the Asda network.

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